Belly Dance on the Fringe: A Cinderella Story


Belly Dance on the Fringe: A Cinderella Story
  • It was a nice performance. The good parts were really good, the bad were bad.
    The story itself I felt like it was trying very hard to change the culture Cinderella and it just didn’t work very well. I would have enjoyed a true Arabian story instead.
    They had some tech difficulties at the very beginning (this may be the venue since I heard other shows were also having some tech issues) which seemed to ruin the flow of the show at the beginning.
    I believe the show was going for a free form feeling and they definitely missed that mark as it felt very unpolished and like they needed another month of rehearsal. When you have a group of performers they all need to be in sync except when they obviously aren’t supposed to be, the group dances were rarely in sync.
    My favorite performers were the girl in the purple shimmery costume, the all black and the black and red costumes. They were all on point and all very talented.
    I enjoyed the show but was glad when it was over. I do enjoy belly dance so going to see this troupe again would be a possibility.

  • Nice!


    Stunning, innovative storytelling of the classic fairytale with the timeless expression of bellydance as only the professionalism of the artists of “Belly Dancing On The Fringe” can bring. A must see!