Bug Hunting


Bug Hunting
  • Maybe there was a technical glitch the night Matt and Jessica saw this show, because the buzzing didn’t annoy me at all. It was part of the story. It only happened when there were bugs flying around, and it was always purposful. I don’t see why people are making a fuss about it.

    I enjoyed this show! It made me laugh, it made me go “awww,” and it really made me want to buy a salt rifle.

    I took a playwriting class with Hayden Popp last year and I’ve read multiple plays of his, this one included; he’s definitely a writer to keep an eye on–and a talented actor as well! His performance is fully of energy, with great physical committment. The supporting cast also does a great job playing the straight men to his zaniness.

    This is a quirky slice of life play with well-written dialogue, great direting, and a solid cast. Great job guys.

  • I really enjoyed this play. Sure the buzzing was annoying but I think that was the point. Last scene seemed like it wasn’t supposed to be the end. All in all a pretty good show for fringe.