Bumps and Grinds: The Golden Age of Burlesque


Bumps and Grinds: The Golden Age of Burlesque
  • Well done…

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  • This show was among the best that I saw at the festival!
    I quite enjoyed the entire show. As I expected there was plenty of naked goodness but unexpectedly and to my delight there was also a fair bit of clothed goodness! They sets were all fantastic whether clothed or stripping to almost bare. I truly enjoyed the gentleman at the piano, he was funny. I enjoyed that the ladies all had more than one performance!
    I wish the ladies would have been more aware that they had a 3 sided audience, I felt I was missing some of the action since I was seated off to the side.
    The only bad thing was that the audience was extremely rude. While it was said there was no late seating, there was. About 15 to 20 people throughout the show either got up and left or came in or a combination of that. It was extremely distracting, quite annoying and rude. One guy even ran across the stage while one of the performers was in the middle her set! I suspect that they were in search of drinks instead of planing ahead and buying all they wanted before the show, the bar should have been shut down after the show started. (It was only an hour show after all)
    I believe this is a venue issue instead of a show issue therefore no stars are removed, these are some talented ladies!

  • Sophisticated costuming, and sultry choreography sprinkled with just the right amount of wit, comedic timing, and bounce made for a tasty and intoxicating evening. My 67 year old friend said this was the burlesque that her Dad would have seen at the Folly Theater decades ago. THIS could very well be KC Cabaret’s best Fringe show yet! Well rounded with every performer hitting the mark. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

  • This show was just stunning to the eyes. The costumes, moves, and song choices were spot on. The humor was a nice change and always good to see Daniel back. Do not miss this show!!!!

  • 5 stars damn it.

  • A must see show. Classic burlesque at its finest. Beautiful women, costumes, glitter and glam. Mix in a little humor from the piano man, love him. Go see these fabulous performances, you won’t be disappointed.

  • This production is visually astounding! A range of beautiful, charismatic, strong women and a hilarious piano man! This was my first burlesque experience and I skeptical. Now I find myself inspired! Absolutely stunning!

  • OMGoodness! Glitter, glam, and feathers my gosh! These ladies literally “Bump and grind” their way into your heart. You gotta come to this show and watch the ladies strut their stuff in classic burlesque style!

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    I fully recommend this show. It was breathtaking. Do yourselves a favor and buy some tickets because you’ll be stunned and in awe, laughing your butt off, and these ladies (and gentleman) have their acts rehearsed down to the smallest detail.

    Go ahead and see it. It’ll be the best 60 minutes you’ll spend today.

  • great show