Burlesque on the Rocks: Queen


Burlesque on the Rocks: Queen
  • Definitely a good show. I think you needed to have lived through the 80s to fully understand and enjoy all of the show, otherwise several “inside jokes/references” are missed.
    The final act was so fun and happy!
    This troop is full of entertainment and laughter and joy at what they do its hard not to enjoy watching them!
    There was a lot more dancing and singing and acting than there was burlesque. Lots of the burlesque part was just toplessness (still enjoyable though)
    I enjoyed the men getting involved in the show! I would have loved to see more from them as well!
    The venue had a good beer selection (definitely enjoyed the sampler) however they were “out” of several beers I asked for and several more items on the menu (including the one thing I wanted) the food I sampled was subpar and not very good at all. And it was rather warm in the building. However it was a perfect setup for the performance as there was lots of running around and singing going on.

  • Annie Cherry & crew have definitely done it again!! With their high energy show with video snippets to round it out, they know how to pay homage to the legacy that is Freddie Mercury & Queen. Their show is so infectious, the audience can’t help but find themselves singing along to the iconic hits of this classic band. You can’t go wrong if you want an hour of side-splitting hilarity and entertainment! I found myself only wishing that the show was longer than an hour. I will most definitely be back for more Burlesque on the Rocks shows!!!

  • Babies, let me tell you! #1, I am a Queen fan. #2 Brilliant idea BCR, who doesn’t love a sing along? You had laughing and crying at the same time! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. Love you guys, LOVED this show.

  • So good. Sing-a-long burlesque is brilliant.

  • Great classic music with fun, sexy, and downright silly production numbers around them. While it’s not the most refined theatrical experience, I feel that’s exactly the point of Bohemian Cult Revival. It all culminates in a very fun ending that makes you admire and appreciate our local entertainment.

  • Fun Show

  • Wunnerful….wunnerful….wunnerful!!!!!!

    • Hi Beth, Glad you enjoyed the show! Could you tell us a little bit about what you saw that you thought made it “wunnerful”!