An Evening With Jelly Rose


An Evening With Jelly Rose
  • I was/am simply blown away by this singer and her band. She is an amazing performer with a very good voice, very mature and sultry voice for her age or any other age. Don’t be fooled by her age, she has amazing material and apparently plenty of it. Glad I ended my 2016 Fringe seeing Jelly Rose and her band’s Saturday night show. Even a blown keyboard couldn’t stop the show from being great. The last song called “Scram” was fitting and a total rock out!


    Absolutely stunning job last night, Jelly Rose. Even though you were sick, your performance was lovely. Your songs are beautifully written, and the band is a class act. I was reminded of Radiohead during one of your songs.. thank you for that. You can become something huge one day.

  • This young lady and her band are really good. Not really the talent level you expect from bands in the Fringe Fest. This is my 4th Fringe and the 5th band/music act I have seen and this one is way far the best. The band is really good, pretty much like a touring band starting out so it is strange to see them on stage. The lead singer is Jelly Rose I guess. She is hot and great singer that does some really weird notes. She seems to love to sing in low register and that is neat and hard to find. I would have gave 5 stars but for me it was a little tooooooo spiritual and made me think and have to figure out songs more. A lot of the songs were ballads. I had a couple of cocktails and saw a show prior so I maybe wanted more fun. But I would go see it again. But more like on a date. They own the stage though check em out.

  • I went to see Jelly Rose on Saturday the 23rd and Wednesday the 27th. What an AMAZING young lady. I can’t believe what I saw, sixteen are we sure. She owns the stage, she’s very poised and in control. Her band was good also two backing vocalist and three instruments. What an awesome show can’t wait to see you on the big stage. Just simply Amazing!!!!

  • I went to see Jelly Rose on Wednesday, July 27th. What a Princess. She did an awesome job that night. Me an my girls really enjoyed the show. She looked AMAZING. I loved the shoe and the dress. She is BEAUTIFUL. If I could do life over again I’d come back as Jelly Rose. So AMAZING. Her voice is so strong. She is just so… I can’t even find the words for it. I loved her mom who was singing backing vocals. The rest of the family in the band as so talented and blessed. I just love them so much. With only 3 instruments they made it sound like a 1000 people in the band. It was unbelievable. As long as I have air in my body I will make it to every show to give my support.

  • Their band is so good. I love the music. And you Ms. Jelly Rose are a force to be reckoned with. Can’t wait to hear more from you. GO CHECK HER OUT MY FELLOW FRINGERS!

  • The vibrant Jelly rose has impressed me with her up most beautiful talent that she seems to develop every year. I’ve watched after countless performances she grows not only as an artist but as a person in general. From R&B to pop to even rock, her range of music is incredible. Not only is the music great, the message behind every song is what really brings it home for me. Needless to say Jelly rose has a great future ahead of her with a talent that can’t be copied or taught!

  • I loved the 2/3 of this bands show and liked the last 1/3 but even when I was only just “liking” it I loved the lead singer. She was beautiful, fashionable and a wonderful personality. Sounds like the band wanted to really rock at the end but held back all show. Jelly Rose Band could easily be a national band.

  • Great performance by Jelly Rose!! She is beautiful and entertaining and so much fun to watch. I love that all of her music is original because I never know what to expect.
    Although it covers a wide range of genres, every song is inspirational. Jelly sings with true passion and emotion and presents herself on stage with a maturity well beyond her sixteen years. She engages the audience in a way that makes you feel what she feels. I enjoyed her so much that I going to see her again tonight! My only criticism is that at times I really struggled to hear the lyrics. Now mind you I am getting older and my hearing may not be the best. But the words to her songs have so much power and meaning that I don’t want to miss any. I have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of Jelly Rose.

  • At lunch so here is my hurried review… try to do these for artist because as a “used to be” singer/actress I know how important feed back is! First off I did NOT see the entire Jelly Rose show. I was leaving an production in an adjoining theater and was getting a drink at the bar and heard the An Evening With Jelly Rose band playing in the lobby. I decided to sneak closer to the door and was actually gonna sneak in but was stopped. Luckily someone from the cast of the first show gave me a comp ticket so I managed to sneak in. I heard 4 or even 5 songs. They were all awesome. The young lady singing was beautiful. She had a beautiful voice. I realized quickly that the voice I heard in the lobby was actually the older (sorry… bad term?) lady that was the only backing vocalist. She had a really powerful soprano voice. The main attraction… not sure if her name is Jelly Rose or if it is the band name, was an alto/low alto/high alto. She did wonderful things with her voice. The last song was called Anyhow. It should be on the radio. WOW! There was a song called Space that was weird and deep and sort of like something that would have been done at woodstock or a some kind of hippie affair. They did a song that was African or something that was really odd but poppy too. It was like a Lorde song (or is it Lord – the young girl that sang the George Brett song). That is kinda what the leader of the band was like Lorde/Lord mixed with Rhianna. A really, really great show. Worth a watch for sure even if you don’t get to sneak in.

  • Omg! I went to see her last night and she was gorgeous and she can sing and has a great band! By far best Fringe show I been to yet!

  • This was a tale of two different show for me. I went to see Jelly Rose after seeing the show 55 minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation earlier in the evening. Perhaps going from that one extreme to the spiritual soulfulness of Jelly Rose was just too much for my senses. Jelly Rose and her band started the show just okay for me… about 3 stars. However, after about 3 songs there was an entire different feel and energy to her set. The highlight of the night for me was a song called Space. It reminded me a song Pink Floyd or David Bowie would do. So from the 4th song in… the show was easily a 5 out of 5 star show. Overall I thought the show was a 4.5 star but there is no 1/2 choice. I will at the most give out one 5 star rating this year and I plan to see a total of 7 shows. This beautiful, talented, (and way too young to be this in control), singer simply didn’t have enough time on stage to make up for the start and take my 5 star performance from me. I hope that my earlier show experience being so different didn’t put me in the wrong frame of mind to see what Jelly Rose and her band put out…. but even if so… isn’t it the job of the show to take my mind? I heavily suggest An Evening with Jelly Rose to anyone who like live bands with soul and pop sound. (i’m so loving that the Fringe Fest offers such wide variety!)


    Jelly is so fresh, original an everytime I see her concert, she innovatively steps up her game. A musical force with a bold voice of professionalism blazing with uplifting confidence!

  • Loved this show… far too short though. Would have liked to hear the band do longer solos too. The was a song called Cold Soul that was amazing and powerful.

  • Wow! What a show! I had a lot of fun and the young lady was very entertaining to say the least I loved her personality as well. I thought the band was good but sloppy at times. And sound was ok which is the main reason for my 3 star rating. But Jelly Rose was Amazing and looked stunning! I will definitely recommend if you have the opportunity to see her you should definitely check out one of her shows.


    This is my 4th Jelly Rose Fringe and in my opinion the best! You have grown as an artist and are owning the stage. Your are coming into your voice style and it is awesome. There use to be almost a competition between you and drummer but this year you guys seem to have figured it out (although I think your mike was maybe a little to loud for the confined space). The only criticism I can come up with is maybe do a little less explaining of each song. I would rather you take a couple of songs that you are most passionate about and elaborate on them instead of each song. Also I would love to be able by your music via Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play…or even a CD. I am so happy for the artist you are becoming.

  • Great great show…. I took off a star because at time the sound was muddled but I am sure ithat had more to do with having a real band in a movie theater. This is what I love about the Fringe Fest though.. you don’t know what you are going to get or where you are going to get it! Hard to believe Jelly Rose is just 17. Really realy great young artist and band. Abrupt ending to show was a bit weird but show was great. I highly reccomend seeing her while she is still at the grass roots level.

  • This turned out to be an amazing evening! Jelly Rose is really impressive and not because of her talent versus her age. This young lady’s performance was great for any age. I was surprised at the depth of the songs. They covered spirituality and real life applications like the song “live in the moment” (one of my favorites), that talked about the need to just slow down and enjoy the precious moments of life. I know it said words to the effect of “talk a little longer love even stronger and have desert after a meal”… I thought of how often we rush out of restaurants and onto the next thing but I am getting away from the point… but that is what this Jelly Rose performance made me do.. it made me think about my own life and situations. Really special. Her set included songs in all tempos, fast, slow and medium tempo. There was a song called “anyway” or “anyhow” that I really liked too. It was really powerful and it seem to really effect her while she was singing it. The best groove of the night for me had to be the song called Bounce. She said it was an acronym for something but I can’t recall at the moment. She tried to explain a little bit about most songs and when she did you could really see into her personality. She was always thanking the audience and you could tell she really meant it. The only bad part of the show was that it felt way too short… I had the sense that she and her band were just getting warmed up when they it came to an end. BY THE WAY… I think they just cut the microphones off on her at the end which made for a really sour ending to the show. It was she didn’t get to say goodnight. That was the only drawback to the show. I am anxious to try another set with Jelly Rose. I have some other Fringe performances I am going to see but I certainly plan to catch another of he Jelly Rose sets. I highly suggest you go see this show. Jelly Rose is awesome!