Fairy Tales for Grownups


Fairy Tales for Grownups
  • This performance was amazing. Absolutely funny and entertaining spin on classic fairy tales that remind us there is always more than one side to a story.
    A retelling of beauty and the beast, Jack and the bean stalk, little red riding hood. All turned adult and much more interesting! loved the little but of improving and candor provided by the storyteller!
    The venue itself was tiny. It seriously had the smallest door I’ve ever seen (narrow!) And felt rather claustrophobic. And only sat maybe 4 people. The lights also produced a rather unpleasant glare in your eyes. If you sat on the sides.

  • https://plus.google.com/106925643189470541957

    From the title, I expected a comedy satirizing the tales. But this was something much more exciting–the retelling of the stories that made them meaningful and heart-wrenching. This was definitely a fringe highlight for me.

  • Mesmerizing! Laura Packer had us all captivated. Fresh, funny, and thought provoking. Glad we got our tickets before she sold out!

  • Outstanding Show! Dark, sexy, fairy tales with a twist!
    You have never heard this side of Beauty and the Beast, or Jack and Beanstalk. Laura takes old stories and twists them in ways that makes them new and exciting, while still feeling familiar. At times painful and poignant, at times outrageously funny, do not miss this show!