Freak Up the Street


Freak Up the Street
  • Strong lead performance roots this fascinating tale of a man recalling growing up next to an eccentric neighbor who greatly influenced his life with his unique brand of philosophy and antics. It’s hilarious, sad and even profound and it’s almost impossible not to be touched and captivated by this story, smartly written and unpredictable enough to keep you tottering back and forth with smiles and dramatic tension. Very well done.

  • Our foursome thought this play was wonderful! Poignant, funny touching. Creative props and so we’ll acted

  • Hands down my favorite Fringe show this year. Billy Blob weaves a multi-layer tapestry of middle-age regret and childhood shenanigans into a profoundly moving story of redemption. Very funny, wildly entertaining, and a must see!

  • What a fantastic show! My friends and I were completely blown away by this awesome story.

  • I have only made it to one Fringe show so far but it rocked my world. I didn’t think I could feel so many things in less than an hour. Freak Up the Street is beautiful and fun. If you are Fringing don’t miss it! Congrats to the cast and crew!

  • A great Fringe show! I laughed, I cried (seriously); a great story and well told.

  • An endearing and sweet comedy about the childhood adventures that shape our maturity. A fast-paced, imaginatively staged production highlighted by stand-out performances from all four cast members. We enjoyed it immensely!

  • Heartfelt and thought provoking, all of the cast seemed natural and believable in their roles. Highly recommend.