Luciano for Me


Luciano for Me
  • I wasn’t expected to like this one so much, but went because of the stellar reviews. This was probably the most entertaining program at Fringe 2016, a high energy musical that benefits from fun dance numbers, strong songs and meticulous performances by the large cast. Everybody stayed in character even when about a dozen people shared the stage, so the productions felt more genuine, even when it was quite silly and funny, which it often was. Highly recommend. It’s hard to imagine anybody not smiling throughout the whole show and leaving with laughter in their hearts.

  • Very entertaining! Great performances!

  • What a fun and sweet show! I loved all of the characters and they were portrayed perfectly. It was nice to have entertainment that is appropriate for the entire family. I was entertained throughout and would definitely see it again!

  • Luciano for Me was wonderful! It was a great mix of a funny, yet endearing romantic musical. The individual teen girl’s characters were played really well, but the best surprise was Mindy in the role of Ava – perfect. Mama Mia was a super fun touch as well. Microphones did seem to have a couple issues at first but this was adjusted after the first song (at least I didn’t notice it any further after that). In an age where you feel you can’t find decent family-friendly entertainment, it was SO nice to have something I could take my teen and pre-teen daughters to and know it was safe AND a great show!

  • I was in the same show and was completely entertained by it. None of those in our party of five had any difficulty whatsoever hearing clearly or noticed any microphone problems. Fabulous performances by everyone– I especially loved how funny the character of Gemma is!

  • what was wrong with the sound?!!! wtf? this musical has 11 people with cheap-ass head microphones and throughout the entire show all you hear is loud static, bad feedback, and 11 people people simultaneously breathing heavy. every time somebody talks or sings it sounds sounds like a cellphone call that’s about ready to drop. truly on heck of a hot mess. I had a massive headache after the show because of how bad it sounded. they would be better off not even using the microphones.

  • This was a great show! Very funny, and fun. I highly recommend!!!

  • “Luciano for me” is a hilariously funny and fast paced musical. The music,lyrics, and acting is top notch. Vienna is so funny, she reminds me of Glinda from Wicked. Momma Mia is such a delightful character. I can’t wait to see it again.

  • Adorable adorable how!!! The music, dancing and dialogue were all so clever and well done! The stereotypes of each of the girls was hilarious and the girls played them all well. And congratulations to Mindy on her new show – what a wonderful trifecta of song, dance and a super script!

  • This is an amazing show! I’ve seen it twice, and I know it will definitely be the greatest musical at FR!NGE!

  • This show is hilarious! Such a unique clever plot line with amazing songs and super family friendly! I would see it twice because I enjoyed it so much! Great laugh and I even cried! EXTREMLEY well done and Luciano has huge biceops! hehe Mindy Moritz played such an amazing role in this! Super proud!


    What an delightful production! I came with some friends and we enjoyed every moment. The characters are brought vividly to life, and it is so fun to travel along with them through their adventures in Rome! Mindy and Jeff are fabulous in their leading roles as Ava (quirky young history teacher, such a sweet personality!) and Luciano (very enjoyable, authentic Italian character – and those biceps!) The directing was terrific, the book was clever, the characters were lovable, and the orchestrations were bright. Overall, a great show for the whole family!


    This fast paced comedy musical is a perfect balance of life lessons, deep themes, and abnormally large biceps. Each character has a unique personality that makes the show more enjoyable; not forgetting our favorite quirky but loveable history teacher. Luciano for Me’s amazing script is put to, while not being overshadowed by Luciano’s AMAZINGLY LARGE BICEPS!!!

  • Luciano For Me was an absolutely amazing show!!!! The comedy was perfectly written and the actors were phenomenal! I highly recommend seeing this show!

  • My daughter and I attended opening night and found this show to be absolutely delightful!! It was family friendly and enjoyable! Each character was their own and the story was very believable and funny! We are trying to attend it one more time before it’s gone! What a great addition to the Fringe Festival!

  • Such a cute little show! It had me constantly laughing and entertained, the characters are all so wonderful and relatable. Highly recommend!

  • I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!! So did virtually everyone in the sold out performance, which received an enthisiastic standing ovation. Hilarious dialogue and creative songs. Fun for the entire family!

  • Such an entertaining show! The fast-paced and hilarious script and upbeat musical numbers made every moment an exciting one! Would definitely recommend to all!

  • Such a fun upbeat show! As a lover of musicals, this is definitely one of my new favorites. Love all the different characters and their personalities. (Vienna is my favorite) The funny one liners and character dynamics bring the show together. This show has something for everyone, romance, comedy, adventure, etc. I would definitely see it again! Get tickets, you won’t regret it!

  • Such a great show!! The plot was smooth and always kept you interested and entertained. The music was so catchy, and each scene had the audience laughing. A great show for any age. Well acted and well written. The night I attended it was nearly sold out, so Id get your tickets in advanced. Don’t miss this show!

  • I want to see this show again so badly! It was amazingly cute, funny, and entertaining for everyone. The character development was incredible considering there are so many relationships to build between the girls, Ava, and Luciano. This show made me laugh, cry, and left me with a ‘feel good’ ending. Beautiful story too.

  • SO ENTERTAINING! As one who is usually critical of live theater, I was very pleasantly surprised. This show FAR exceeded my expectations. It was witty, fast-paced and had the audience laughing loudly multiple times in every scene–no exaggeration. It was well-written, well acted, and Steven Eubank’s directing was terrific. Every character was solid and delivered a polished performance. Well done!

  • What a fun show! It’s a perfect family show and the audience loved it. The show I attended was almost completely sold out, so you might want to get your tickets in advance.

  • Cute concept; fun for the fist 15 min, but this parody of a musicals seems more influenced by ‘High School Musical’ than Broadway. After 30 mins I wanted to walk out.

  • Saw this show tonight with some friends and we all loved it! The characters are all so lovable and quirky in their own unique ways (LOVED Elvira!) The show itself is entertaining and fast paced, never a dull moment. The music was super fun as well. Highly recommend!