Questus: The Zero’s Journey


Questus: The Zero’s Journey
Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
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    I saw the show first on 7/23 and again 7/28. I’m basing my 4 star rating mainly off of the 7/28 show, how well everybody seemed to roll with the punches given all the tech/venue issues, and because Voler did an amazing job.

    The show on the 23rd was kind of a mess. People have already commented on the tech that was ‘dropped’, which must have happened after the show on the 23rd. He missed several music cues, and his ONE lighting cue, which put the performers a little bit behind, resulting in one of the fringe reps interrupting the show during it’s FINAL scene to let people know they can leave. Apparently that also happened the night prior. I can understand that going over isn’t great, but the lack of consideration on the Fringe workers part was kind of annoying. The venue was also incredibly hot due to not having the AC on, which made it difficult to enjoy the show.

    The show on the 28th was much much better since they a) had A/C, b) a different tech who, while not ‘invested’ in the show had enough professional decorum to try his hardest (no missed cues to my recollection) and c) A few scenes were apparently cut as well, which resulted in the show not going over, so we actually got to see the end, such as it was.

    All of the actors did pretty well with what they were working with. Coramia and Stand-in/Luna were fairly affable, even when dropping lines like they were in a bad infomercial. The script was OK, but could have used more workshopping to help with the jokes and timing, and some of the more confusing plot points.
    There was a somewhat jarring song toward the end that while both singers did a good job, seemed to drag on a bit, so that could have been cut down to help with pacing. Ultimately though, the script seemed to be mainly a vehicle for the various Aerial performances, and it filled that role pretty well, as each of the Aerial performances were incredibly well choreographed and performed.

  • This was a stunning performance!
    The Aerialists were the embodiment of athletic beauty. The feats they performed were nothing short of amazing defiance of gravity.
    The story line was funny and intriguing and much like what a real game of D&D probably is like. I was pleased that it was acted out.
    The burlesque scene was fantastic and enchanting much more o it than simply stripping.
    If you have the chance to go to this GO! I would see this again if given the opportunity!

  • Questus is a delightful mix of circus arts, nerdy humor, and hilarity. Both Voler: Thieves of Flight and Cirque du Risque coming together for one show yielded amazing results, and Questus displayed both troupes talents fantastically. The comedic styles of Luna Flair and Cora Mia are not to be passed up, and the magic of the aerialists created a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. You will see all sorts of apparatuses on display, such as aerial silks, lyra, hoops, and aerial chains.

    I have watched both renditions of the show this week, and for those of you concerned about tech issues and rude venue staff, the troupe has done everything to fix the issues while still keeping the heart of the show alive. Amazing job on their part on such a short time line.

    With sassy bards, twirling fairies, seductive sirens, dancing virgins, and a dragon in chains; this show has all the makings of a classic adventure tale with a healthy dose of Dungeon and Dragons shenanigans. Packed with lots of laughs and captivating circus arts, Questus should absolutely be on your Fringe schedule.

  • I went not knowing what to expect and was delightfully surprised! The humor, aerials, violinists were all great! The only downside is that I couldn’t hear all the great sense of humor remarks because of the missing tech for sound, which I understand was not the actors fault. Fun show with lots of talent! Hope to see another one of theirs!

  • There were some funny jokes. The aerial numbers were pretty good. But the story dragged and the troupe was really unprofessional. Between interrupting the show to make an announcement about silly string which they were obviously told they couldn’t use and are bitter about it and going over time (which is something you just don’t do at a festival) I was very disappointed. I’m glad someone let us know they were going over so I could make it to my next show on time. I know someone said they dropped the venue tech, but I saw people in tech shirts walking around? This show needed some more technical aspects especially lights and if they fired the person to do that and didn’t replace him/her, then that’s another extremely unprofessional thing to do. I wouldn’t go see it again unless it was just the numbers, without the story.


    I have really mixed feelings about this show but I’ll give it four stars because the good parts were really good. I thought the comedy was generally sophomoric and drawn out, but the Voler acrobatic dancers were incredible. The highlight was a number in which all three large rings were used, with two pairs of dancers on each of the outside rings and a violinist providing the music while sitting inside the middle ring–absolutely spellbinding. And the striptease number which got the show an R rating was a rare exhibition of classic striptease like is rarely seen today, in an era where strippers think all they need to do is take their clothing off. This was a real dance.


    It was AMAZING! I went last night not really knowing what to expect. This show has it all…acting, violin playing, lyra, aerial silks, aerial chains, burlesque, singing, role playing, and punny humor.


    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Best show ever! Do not miss this one. I spent 90 minutes clapping, laughing, whistling and thoroughly enjoying myself. There are fairies and swords and a king and virgins and singing and acrobatics and Shakespeare and sirens and a wall (with a chink) and a lion and poetry and a geography lesson and RPG players and oatmeal cookies and Timothy. Classic Cirque du Risque imagination and execution. You can’t miss with Cora Mia and Luna Flare. So glad they dumped the venue tech and did their show without it. I hope they reprise this at another venue like they did their last year’s show. I plan to see this one again.

  • Great concept, great aerial, gymnastic/contortion, and burlesque performance. I loved the costumes… (Eartha Delites, I am digging your fairy wings!) and the sexy mermaid that waited for us in the foyer. A must see!


    Thoroughly enjoyed the many talented individuals who put on this production. Circuit du Risqués athleticism was on full display. Dancers intricately flipped and aerialist defied gravity all to a comedic Dungeons & Dragons and burlesque mashup. There where notable musical prefomances that included an Anderson-esq Sirens song and a lovely violin solo by a Fae suspended scores into the air. All this spectacle was balanced with the comic talents of Cora Mia and the Stage Manger (filling in for Luna Flair), provided entertaining segways between each performance. Looking forward to attending another showing.

  • aside from the rude interruption prior to last scene suggesting that we leave, the show made me laugh out loud and hold my breath during the aerial acts. It had everything but the kitchen sink; silks, lyra,juggling, burlesque, violin, acrobatics and comedy. Technical problems with light and sound were a bit distracting, but over all refreshing to see circus arts not take themselves so seriously. I would see it again!

  • Decent Aerialist and circus performances that follows a funny script and an amusing story. It runs a bit long, drags in places, and has some technical issues, but it’s worth the watch, especially if you understand how D&D with your friends can be a hysterical horror to set through.

  • I have to say the show went a few minutes long, but I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy of the Saturday show. I was fortunate enough to have seen both shows and they were night and day. The technical issues that seemed to plague the first show were removed for the second. I’m guessing they got rid of their tech. The two leads play horrible show business types like a cross between the producers and It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. The aerials could be a bit repetitive but we’re all fantastic. My only complaint is that some person that worked at the venue (maybe the house manager) interrupted when the show was running long and essentially told people to leave. I have been reviewing theatre for almost two decades and I have never seen something so unprofessional from a venue staff member.

  • The acrobatic performers were great, but I have to give this 1 star due to the play aspect. The female lead was unbearable. I understand they had problems and were using a stand-in for a main role, but Cora Mia made it extremely awkward and unpleasant for the audience. Rather than going with the flow, she constantly clashed with the stand-in actor but couldn’t even remember her own lines. Really disappointing.