Seneca: A Journey Through Space and Time


Seneca: A Journey Through Space and Time
  • This show was fantastic. Wonderfully imaginative; an interesting spin on some familiar themes. I was impressed by how much story could be told in such a short time, with extremely minimal props and resources. It really drew me in!

  • I had the great opportunity to witness Amanda’s spectacle and thought provoking – “Seneca” on opening weekend and was thoroughly impressed. She does not miss a beat – while single-handedly ( with the help of some AI voices) carrying the story-line, songs, emotion, and reflective scenes that are required. A futuristic take that was very welcome to the fest and to my day, and carried since. Highly suggested.

  • Bravo. This is the perfect example of what I am looking for when I attend the fringe festival each year. Seneca was filled with emotion and wit all delivered with excellent effects, creativity and powerful acting.

  • Great great show. One of my favorite shows at the festival this year for sure. The writer also stars in this one woman show, and is destined for big things.

  • It’s rare to find a play with such a powerful combination of great acting, humor, sound effects, lighting, and cleverness as I have found with Seneca. The writer and star Amanda Davison took us on an exciting journey with a very special motorcycle that left me looking at everything in a whole new light. Must see during the fringe festival.

  • Wonderful and Moving show!
    Seneca is a skillfully crafted “one” woman musical. She combines a moving story with a string songs. There are several other characters in the musical, although they are not human. Amanda creates an science fiction story that is just as philosophical as it is futuristic. The piece is unique and is a Fringe show you should not miss!