There Will Be Boobs


There Will Be Boobs

    I had an awesome time!!! I thought the numbers/routines were funny and entertaining. The performers did seem nervous to bare boob it or whole fondling with their costumes but overall it was great! I liked the close intimate feelnof the venue.

    I am so in love with Stella Blue! She is a great host and entertainer!

  • It started off strong with a great special guest, a fun concept, and the introduction of a live band of talented musicians. The emcee was fun and engaging, the troupe seemed to really be enjoying themselves, but my complaint is that the individual numbers all seemed under-rehearsed, nearly all the performers seemed nervous or uncomfortable being onstage, several physical stumbles and garment mishaps, and there were a few moments with the live singing and band losing track of each other altogether. I don’t mean to be too harsh, but with some time and more practice I could see this group presenting a pretty polished show.

  • A decent show. Many of the women were visibly nervous when it came time to take their bras off, many only giving a peek before running off the stage or not turning around at all before exiting (not that I needed to see tasseled boobs but boobs were promised and I expected more dancing while boobs were bared).
    Many of them it seemed were simply stripping. I would have enjoyed the show much more if they had more actual dancing instead of arm waving and tried to engage the audience in each performance much more.
    The only act I truly enjoyed was the one to Bruno mars uptown funk. The performer engaged the audience before setting foot on the stage and continued to do so throughout her time on stage. If not for her this show would be receiving 2 stars from me.

  • Just a damn good time. So much variety, but still had a theme. I couldn’t wait to see who was next and what movie tune they were going to perform. Loved the band and the humor.

  • Holy Shit!! What a fun show! Only complaint… it was sold out!!! and I wanted it to last more than an hour!!!!!! Shake ’em ladies! Rocking band! Wow!!

  • Opening night was a great success, minus some technical issues! Each and every performer was FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!. I recommend this show. Every night is a different guest performer. Wondeful! just wonderful!

  • A funny, exciting, entertaining mix of band, burlesque and boobs. Yes there was boobs! Each act was unique and fun to think of the movies each represented. For a fun filled evening, I’d highly recommend!