Two By Tennessee Williams


Two By Tennessee Williams
  • Absolutely fantastic show! Everything about it from the Tech to the design was amazing! Extremely nuanced performances delivered by both actors left me crying one minute and disturbed the next. This show is extremely good and well worth a visit before it moves to NY in the fall! I do agree about the acoustics being a problem however…be sure to sit up front!

  • This is an outstanding interpretation of William’s genius. The actors are phenomenal, but the evening was hampered by poor acoustics and oppressive heat when over bearing air conditioner was silenced. Well worth your time.

  • Beautifully acted and staged production! I don’t know why these plays aren’t more often performered. Really smart and moving work!

  • This was a great opprutunity to see two rare works by a Master. The actors were great. They captured the explosive and tender nature of Williams’ characters. Without giving ANYTHING away, notice how the two very different plays end similarly.

  • I was expecting a little more, but found the performances to be rather dull.