An Uncommon Core: The Daring Spoken Word Journey of One 8th Grade Classroom


An Uncommon Core: The Daring Spoken Word Journey of One 8th Grade Classroom
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    She was wonderful and engaging. I almost wish I could be in one of her classes (Oh the horror of going back to 8th grade!)
    She definitely dealt with serious grown up issues that are affecting children who shouldn’t have to know about issues like that.
    How do you teach in a classroom where the statistics say one of the girls will be raped (or already has been) one of the boys will be in jail one of the lgbt kids will kill themselves? Just a few of the many questions she has had to deal with.
    And I don’t honestly know how she does teach with those issues circling like a hawk above their heads. Or how I will face those same issues in my own classroom (god willing)
    This was a dynamic and thought provoking performance. And it made me cry.
    Excellent. I wish could see it again.
    I also wish I could also be this lady’s friend

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    Abigail is an engaging storyteller and she has put together a touching and thoughtful play. Staging is simple but effective. A bit too exaggerated – a bit less climactic drama in the stories could make it stronger.

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    Interesting concept. Deep content. Abigail Swetz worked hard to deliver this material as a one-woman act. The play deserves additional attention and refinement. As it moves forward, integrate multiple actors on stage. In its current form, it is too dark and monotonous. It comes off a bit depressing and one woman’s rant/fantasy. Bring it to life by pushing Abigail up against some other legit voices in the system. Even though the play contains the “voices” of many students, they sound like Abigail’s projections into the students.