Wicked Creatures


Wicked Creatures
  • Loved this play! The acting was stellar. The writing was flawless. Given that this was a longer play, the fact that I wasn’t fidgeting and watching the clock is amazing. Almost a dozen shows in and this is my #1 pick.

  • I’ve seen over a dozen performances at Fringe Festival 2016 and this was my favorite. Smartly written period piece that offers satire mixed in with some serious commentary about women’s struggles over the years against oppression. The tables are turned and there are some uncomfortable moments, to be sure, but that is why the play works so effectively. That uneasy tension often results in big laughs and dramatic moments that are immensely entertaining. Very, very talented cast brings just the right delicate balance of humor and drama. Not one weak performance. Try to make time to see it.

  • A great show! Would definitely recommend.

  • This play is a well written commentary on issues that have plagued generations. At times it verges on satire and the comedy is spot on. A well written piece. The time period lends itself perfectly to the gothic tone. A few of the actors really stood out as top notch. The ladies definitely take the show and make it their own showcase, but that is perfect for this script. Wicked Creatures is wicked good!

  • A delightfully funny and edgy feminist romp… important themes, good acting, and an impressive script.

  • Well written and acted. Highly recommended!

  • The play is a decent piece of writing that slugs along in a subpar production. The only major issue is be writing is some really spotty dramaturgy. The play can’t seem to decide what time it takes place in drawing from 4 different time periods. But the production is what kills the play. It can’t decided if it’s a sex farce or a thoughtful debate on issues that need to be laid out and explained to us like we’re 5. The production tries to do both at the same time. The staging is so stiff and full of sitting and talking it has almost no energy. I didn’t believe a single moment of the stage combat used and the show is full of High School play grade dialects. It felt like it must have been the directors first time directing. I expect more from the living room.

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    Fine on so many levels. Acting is polished, with crisp delivery. The scene changes are quick and don’t slow down the action. The Gothic horror tale fits nicely with its Victorian period– E.A. Poe, Mary Shelley, R.L. Stevenson come to mind. The subject matter is serious but treated deftly and with humor, and the horror underneath the humor is always present in the action. Talented new playwright Emma Carter considers interpretations of Darwin which are still being discussed, and the challenges of women’s control of their own bodies which are more than relevant today. Highly recommended.

  • A good production with some fine actors, yet this 90 min period piece grows dull at parts and seemed to drag. It could have been more viewer-friendly if it was compressed down to 1 hr.

  • Wicked fucking fun!