A Bird of Prey

The Coterie

Show Information:

A BIRD OF PREY 3x3 Graphic - Draft 2.psdMonty has just arrived at a new school in a dangerous city where cruelty thrives among his peers. At home, his life isn’t good due to his father; at school he’s ridiculed for carrying a Bible. Monty’s one friend, Thacker, is a rebellious outsider, who pulls the both of them into an overwhelming dilemma. Thirteen teenagers who tackle mature themes and explicit language tell the gripping story.

Each performance will be followed by an OPEN MIC night available to any who want to bring slam poetry or spoken word or song, particularly with the themes of exclusion, violence, and community.

(60 minute play requires ticket and Fringe button. OPEN MIC requires Fringe button only.)

Website: www.coterietheatre.org


Westport Coffee House

4010 Pennsylvania Ave

Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

July 23 – Saturday – 3:30pm

July 24 – Sunday – 6:30pm

July 27 – Wednesday – 6:30pm

July 29 – Friday – 8:00pm

July 30 – Saturday – 3:30pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language

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