Baddest Auditions

Whim Productions

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baddestauditions“I was in stitches the entire time”

“Beat that horse until it’s dead.” – KC Metropolis

Well, they asked… For the third year running, Whim Productions is bringing back the wildly popular show that holds a funhouse mirror up to the theater audition process. If you missed last year’s show, you missed story time with a Montessori teacher and duet with a dog. In Baddest, expect some extra special guests, maybe even some Equity actors who are forced to audition for the first time in years!

Like the past two years, the cast will rotate so it will never be the same show twice. This might be your last chance to see this lunacy before all parties are locked in a vault! Don’t risk it!



Musical Theatre Heritage

2450 Grand Blvd #301

Kansas City, MO 64108

Show Times

July 22 – Friday – 9:00pm

July 24 – Sunday – 3:00pm

July 25 – Monday – 7:30pm

July 27 – Wednesday – 6:00pm

July 28 – Thursday – 9:00pm

July 29 – Friday – 10:30pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language

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