Boxes & Ashes

Vicky Burnett

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Boxes and Ashes

Rosemary is dead. The Funeral Director makes that clear. Rosemary’s Ghost wants to know why she hasn’t gone to wherever one goes. The man informs her people hang around for all sorts of reasons and she’ll have to figure out for herself why she’s still here. Once she does, she’ll know how to move on.

We get to know Rosemary through the eyes of others and through her comments and pleadings with her visitors. It’s also believed by everyone, except Rosemary, that she committed suicide. Feeling frustrated one minute and peace with closure the next Rosemary vacillates between being pleased she chose the box and wishing she’d gone with ashes.

Bryan Moses, director of last year’s hit play The Grave, directs this World Premiere play by Vicky Burnett.


Phosphor Studio

1730 Broadway Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64108

Show Times

July 22 – Friday – 7:30pm

July 23 – Saturday – 6:00pm

July 24 – Sunday – 4:30pm

July 25 – Monday – 7:30pm

July 29 – Friday – 6:00pm

July 30 – Saturday – 3:00pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language

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