Jason and the Argonauts

Olive Juice Theatre

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jason.jpgTravel back in time to days where Gods ruled the sky, monsters roamed the earth, and every warrior was a brand new hero! Jason & the Argonauts is a fast paced musical comedy performed by three actors playing over 20+ roles. The story follows a hero named Jason who is on a quest to bring home the legendary Golden Fleece. There are dangers to face and monsters to defeat before he can claim his prize, but he is not alone. He has the help of his Argonauts! Brave warriors such as Orpheus, the Boreads, and Hercules (played by young members of the audience!) are there to help Jason conquer any challenge thrown their way. With an abundance of audience participation, Jason & the Argonauts is fun for all ages.

Visiting artist from Chicago, IL


Mesner Puppet Theater

1006 Linwood Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64109

Show Times

July 22 – Friday – 6:00pm

July 26 – Tuesday – 6:00pm

July 29 – Friday – 7:30pm

July 30 – Saturday – 3:00pm




60 Minutes




Simulated Violence

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