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The KC Improv Company

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Script teaseThe KC Improv Company returns to Fringe with Script Tease!! What happens when one actor doesn’t know her lines, the play, or even the person she’s performing with? Script Tease! is what happens! See the hilarity that happens when we pair a rehearsed actor with a completely clueless improviser.

The second half of this show will feature one of the KC Improv Company’s signature formats. Completely improvised and always funny. We specialize in unscripted theater, including classic pieces like the Harold as well as improvised musicals and murder mysteries. Every show will feature a different mainstage format as well as different cast members. Each performance is completely new! That’s improv!

We make it up. All of it. Using your suggestions!



Westport Coffee House

4010 Pennsylvania Ave

Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

July 22 – Friday – 6:30pm

July 23 – Saturday – 8:00pm

July 25 – Monday – 6:30pm

July 29 – Friday – 6:30pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language

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