The Islander

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A neon OPEN sign glowing red in the window of a restaurant.

A neon OPEN sign glowing red in the window of a restaurant.

Relevance Productions presents: The Islander By Derek Trautwein. Directed By Trevor Belt.

Everyone has problems. Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone has a place to go to try and find their answers… For insurance salesman Ed, that place is The Islander: A small, hole-in-the-wall bar where regulars come to drown their sorrows, forget their worries, and ignore the outside world. It seems like a typical quiet night at The Islander, until Ed strikes up a conversation with a young woman awaiting a blind date… and as often is the case with drunken conversation, too many drinks are had, and conversation gets… profound. A story of redemption, The Islander asks the familiar, yet tough questions: How do we fix our mistakes? Can we? And should we? Another KC Fringe World premiere brought to you by Relevance Productions!


The Unicorn Theatre: Levin Stage

3828 Main St

Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

July 22 – Friday – 8:00pm

July 23 – Saturday – 11:00pm

July 24 – Sunday – 3:30pm

July 25 – Monday – 6:30pm

July 27 – Wednesday – 8:00pm

July 30 – Saturday – 11:00pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language

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