An Uncommon Core: Review

By Bob Evans for the KC Fringe Festival.

A Middle School teacher  laments and explains the questions that face her as she continually endeavors to prepare students for life—real life—that  awaits them as they travel through a year in her care, while  that real life does not always fit the standardized curriculum her distract mandates.

For this one-woman show, the passion and struggles she faced surface in a scathing look at society on the outside of the classroom and the safety within her walls.  Teachers only control 180 hours of a student’s year, yet preparing them for life outside her 180 hours of contact time.  Preparing her students and understanding their struggles continues an unbending challenge as societies values, morals, problems continue to change and create newer and more difficult challenges.  Writing a five paragraph theme seems trivial when compared to each student’s reality once outside of the teacher’s classroom.

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There are days I look out over my students and I close my plan book and I shut my door and I open my eyes to the lessons they really need to learn, no matter what the Common Core deems worthy of my curriculum. These students deserve a celebration. Come join me and see why.

Teaching is about changing the world. If you don’t believe that, you’re not doing it right. – 8th Grade Student, Room 102 

Some days I look out over my students and I see hungry minds. There is much to bemoan in the current state of our education system. But none of it is the students. They deserve a celebration.

The show is a tour-de-force for the writer/presenter.  The audience will come away with a new appreciation and perspective for teachers and their passions.

Spoken Word | 60m | Rated G