Baddest Auditions: Review

By Bob Evans for the KC Fringe Festival.

Whim Productions

Count on Kevin King and his pack of talented (or if is untalented) crazies to present an ever-changing evening of entertainment in “Baddest Auditions” that opened at 9 p.m., Friday, July 23, at the Musical Theatre Heritage Stage 2.BADDER AUTITIONS20160722 _MG_2797


For the show, King rotates a cast who create their own scene, of which he knows nothing, so the show is more than half improve. He does not know what character or situation they prepared for that particular show.  Nor, do they know what he has prepared as the director. Some performers may do all shows, while others may only perform one show.


The spirit is fun, lively, zany, and full of laughs.  Expect adult language….usually VERY adult language.  This production represents the third straight Fringe appearance for this show. Many of the faithful audience members come pre-disposed to fits of laughter.