Review of HACKS

By Bob Evans

Word to the wise: Enter at your own risk. Fits of laughter engulf the audience as three of the most brilliant and creative comic minds in Kansas City combine their off-beat random thoughts into one of the funniest entries into the Kansas City Fringe Festival in several years.
Friend Dog Studios uses the talents of Ben Auxier, Brian Huther, Seth Macchi to write and present their most current Fringe offering, “Hacks” with the help of a new free spirit, Ellen Kirk. The quartet of actors move fast through this piece what will have the audience laughing from start to finish.
The show centers on two computer geeks who unknowingly unleash a terrible plot into the world. Those who enjoy FritoLay products are advised to bring what may be their last bag of the snack treat to the program with them. Who’s to say if you will ever have the chance to enjoy them again.
“Hacks” is brilliant, sharp, funny, and completely mindless fun and games. The show definitely has legs and should travel. It’s good enough to be something one might see off-Broadway at some point. It’s bright, funny, and ultra unique.

Friend Dog Studios
When these brothers find out they’ve unknowingly started a cult and terrorist organization online and are visited by its leader, they are forced to grapple with his absurd and persuasive arguments. This off-beat, unforgettable comedy digs into the strange power of ideas…even really, really stupid ones. Written and performed by Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi. Warning: Adult Language
Theatre | 60m | Rated R |

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