Review of 'Selfless'

By Bob Evans

A humble man living only to make all mankind into better people, and a man truly blessed with the kindness, compassion, and benevolence. “Selfless” written by Forrest Attaway, about Forrest Attaway, directed by Forrest Attaway allows the subtlety of Forrest Attaway to take center stage—Not.

The loveable and larger than life Forrest Attaway loved in the Kansas City theatre scene allows a younger actor, Seth Macchi, to mimic him on stage for an hour in each performance of his self-penned plethora of stories that shed light on how Forrest Attaway developed into The Forrest Attaway known and loved through his persona, creativity, and personal insights.

Those who know and love Attaway have seen his luminescent talent in a series of plays he has written and produced locally.  His writings go from fun and games to deeply dark and disturbing.  Each play gives different perspective to the person behind the pen (or maybe the computer).

Attaway’s most current step into the footlights is yet another dimension of the playwright’s talent and creativeness.  Seth Macchi will delight audiences with his impersonation of Attaway, and while Macchi does not resemble Attaway, the mannerisms, speech patterns, and carriage present a great mirror-image of the person behind the pen.

Shows are selling out so buy tickets ahead or get in line early to not miss this comic mind’s journey through his life.  The lessons learned contribute to the stories shared.

The Living Room Theatre

From the mind that brought you Chainsaw the MusicalThe Grave, and Outta Beer and Outta Space. Come look into the mind of Kansas City’s mad genius that is Forrest Attaway. Seth Macchi stars in this one man tour de force, as he relays some of the most memorable moments of Forrest’s life. Guaranteed to be a different show every performance, we dare you not to laugh, cry, or be amazed at the life of one of the most important people in America! Warning: Smoke, Haze or Fog

Comedy | 60m | Rated PG |

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