Review of Script to the Bone

By Bob Evans

Late night, or early morning that finds an overworked, overstressed, under-rested college graduate undertaking probably the most horrendous 17-page script known to mankind and attempting to turn a overstuffed actor’s words into a plausible working script aimed at box office gold in the one-woman comedy, Script to the Bone at the Just Off Broadway Theatre.ScripttotheBone

Hannah, a Ph.D. grad with attitude, a brilliant mind, and an alter-ego that drives her words and thought processes to make her a prolific script doctor for movies.  Her knowledge of story elements, vocabulary, filming sequences, and computer aided graphics makes her invaluable to a producer located across the pond in London.

Danielle Swatzell delivers a very animated and comic performance as Hannah.  Her deliveries of lines to her alter ego are priceless.  Her physical comedy works well and adds to what could be a long affair.  Instead, she cleverly moves through set, keeps the audiences eyes moving, changes her focus from outward to inner-conversations.

The show moves very quickly, and Swatzell’s acting is wonderfully animated.  The language is not terrible strong, but certainly not meant for youngsters.  Her vocal inflections keep the audience moving from sarcasm to whimsy to humor.  Swatzell does a great job with a piece that demands so much from the performer.  The show is definitely fun.

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