Review: MamaLogs

By Kelly Luck

Debbie From has spent the last several years collecting stories of motherhood. Old mothers, young mothers, would-be mothers, adopted mothers, mothers of animals or plants or nothing at all. In “Mamalogs” she shares some of these stories with us, covering a wide spectrum of human experience.

There are stories about children and the truths they tell, about family and acceptance. There are narratives of lives lived and lessons learned. There are a couple of stories about what happens when attempts at motherhood go wrong, miscarriages and more. It is an unflinching litany, sentimental in parts but overall a serious warts-and-all look into a relationship that is one of the most fundamental to humanity.MamaLogs

Ms. From is a compelling storyteller, faithfully recounting these women’s narratives just as they were originally collected by her. Her delivery is good, and the blend of stories moves from mood to mood in a way that keeps the show dynamic without becoming jarring. Even those who are outside of the world of motherhood will find the performance genuinely moving.

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