Review of 'Luciano for Me'

By Bob Evans

A high school trip to Rome for eight girls and their chaperone brings exactly what the girls want, adventure, love, learning, and even a hint or romance, in Luciano for Me at the Unicorn Theatre on the Levin Stage for the KC Fringe Festival.

Playwright/choreographer/actor, Mindy Moritz teamed with Steven Eubank to bring this charming story to the stage, using the romantic backdrop of Rome, predominantly the Trevi Fountain, to launch the escapades of the eight impressionable teens.

Jeff Smith, Mindy Moritz, Margaret Shelby, Elise Campagna, Rachel Reese, Laura Jane Irwin, Taylor McTague, Lisa Earlenbaugh, Hannah Freemen, Taylor Jennings, Lauren Szala perform in the musical comedy.  Of course, Smith is the focus of the show because he’s Luciano, and Moritz is the love interest as the high school chaperone.

Moritz and Eubank paired well for this as director and choreographer. The shows moves fast and is guaranteed to entertain, with some hummable melodies and clever lyrics.  The girls in the show are all young, talented, and many make their Fringe debut in the show.

The music and dance are lively.  The girls are charming, and if they all are cast as a type—the nerd, the clothes horse, the athlete, the goth, the nature lover etc—they make them sympathetic and amusing. Smith stands out as the tall, dark Italian tour guide.  The story is reminiscent of older musicals—the ones that a simple plot, happy characters, happy music, and a happy ending.  Do not expect darkness or drama in this fun, charming story.  The show is suited for all ages.

Mindy Moritz and Steven Eubank

While on their class trip to Rome, a group of 8 girls fall head over expensive heels for their charming Italian tour guide: Luciano! While trying to make sure their nerdy chaperone teacher, Ava, doesn’t get in the way of having fun on the trip, each girl will discover love, loss, and value in this new musical comedy that is fun for every age! This cute show is available to license and is ideal for any group looking for a short musical to feature women! Check out this original new musical!

Theatre | 60m | Rated G


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