Review of 'Upskirt/C.E.C'

By Bob Evans

Somehow the shackles on Pete Bakely’s fingers broke, again, and he has spun two hilarious short plays for this year’s KC Fringe Festival. Even more outrageous than previous pieces and now playing at The Arts Asylum, are Upskirt and CEC (Charlie’s Enormous Cock).

Upskirt drops in on a brother and sister whose strange relationship gets stranger by the minute.  Sex maniac Dennis returns from court after being charged with taking photos up women’s skirts to see their panties.  His drug-crazed sister enjoys his regular self-pleasuring rituals.  Enter a court-appointed psychologist, whose motives and practices go even further from the normal as she interferes with the sister while trying to break through and correct Dennis’ lewd behavior patterns and sexual fixations.

For this sex-romp, Bakely secured three top-notch actors who can deliver this storyline and push the comedy to extremes. Matt Leonard, Bonnie Griffin, and Brianna Marxen-McCollom all give side- splitting portrayals of characters and situations not seen before on a stage—in this reviewer’s experience.

CEC brings up memories of Lorena Bobbitt’s adventure and five minutes of fame when she lopped off the penis of her husband years ago. The difference here is the size.  In this case, size matters—hence the name Charlie’s Enormous Cock.

Charlie’s manhood takes center stage as his wife, covered in blood bursts in on her sister, carrying the severed prize piece of meat and drops it on the table.  Knowing the police are nearby and looking for the culprit, the sisters call a friend to assist the m in their hour of need.

As the three women ponder what to do, the prime cut is the butt of many jokes and physical humor.  The piece is not for the prudish, because Bakely throws caution to the wind with his dialogue and comedic enactments.  All of the humor is risqué and marvelously humorous.

The four talented actresses who present this piece push their comedic delivery to new heights.  Be prepared to laugh out loud at.  The cast is:  Rasheedat Badejo, Choima Anyanwu, Sherri Roulette-Mosley, and Shawnna Journagan.

The language and content are for adults only.  Ultra-strong language and sexual situations are part of the show.

Kansas City Peep Shows

Upskirt – When Dennis gets arrested for taking lewd photos at Target, his court appointed scientist moves in. Between her and his overprotective sister, will he learn to connect? CEC– Elaine has left her abusive husband and taken a sizable part of him with her. She, her sister Amy, and friend Bev, need to figure out what to do with the body part before the police close in.

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