Review of 'Cinema KC'

By Kelly Luck

With the wealth of live performing arts options available, it is unfortunate that sometimes the other media on display get pushed to the background. That is why this reviewer always tries to make time for the annual showing of projects by the KC independent film-making community in their “CinemaKC” program.

This year follows on very much like previous years: mostly complete short films interspersed with the occasional “clip” of a larger work. The shorter films tend to vary somewhat from full stories to what may be called vignettes, some complete (or at least satisfying), and some which just leave the viewer holding the bag. The quality of the films from a technical standpoint has certainly gone up a bit from previous years: the old “Mom’s camcorder” look has well and truly gone for good, except on those occasions where it is deliberately invoked for effect.

Among the highlights: a cyberpunk/VR/noir presentation that seems to be part of a larger project, a caper set in a hospital with lots of twisted humor (even if the ending was a bit of a non-sequitur), and a film made as part of a 48-hour project. This last was rather odd, and kept the audience puzzled for the most part, but then the big reveal came, and the “a-ha” moment made it all clear very satisfactorily.

As always, the visions on display vary widely from film to film, and this reviewer is always gratified to see what new visions and voices are being created here. The KC independent film community is a quiet one, but full of surprises,and it’s worth making time to see the results of their work.


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