In Their Own Words

The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City

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"In Their Own Words" is presented by The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City and is a collection of poems, prose, short stories and plays penned by the students of Ruskin High School and Hickman 9th Grade Center as a part of the RiSE program - Repertory in School Empowerment program. Come hear these students discuss Life, Sexuality and Racial Identity through their unique protective. Facilitator Shawna Downing and Educators Kelly Michale and Brent Nanny along with Artistic Director Damron R Armstrong couple with a team of Artist-Educators brings this show to the stage.


The Arts Asylum

1000 E. 9th St.

Kansas City, MO 64106

Show Times

July 22 - Saturday - 7:30pm

July 26 - Wednesday - 7:30pm

July 27 - Thursday - 6:00pm

July 29 - Saturday - 6:00pm




60 Minutes


All Ages




  1. Barbara Dooley on July 27, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Student writers from the Black Repertory Theatre’s RISE program at Hickman Mills and Ruskin HIgh school showcased their work in staged readings in “In Their Own Words.” Their works ranged from poetry, prose plays, and short scenes revealing issues of intense interest to their authors–peer relations, slavery in history, relationships in the low-wage world, personal identity. A lot of writing today is focused on the confessional, so it was refreshing to see this creative work and the artists’ attempts to create characters or a poetic voice.
    The four Ruskin writerss changed off roles in each of their readings. They were backed by a large cast of Kansas City area adult actors, who also read the Hickman Mills student work. One quibble–the students could slow down and project more, as it was sometimes difficult for those of us with hearing challenges to hear them over the fan cooling the large Arts Asylum space.
    The performance ended with an audience talkback with the Ruskin students. They were asked about what brought them to the RISE program, what attracted them to the arts, what motivated their specific pieces, and their future plans. These talented students are heading to college and plan to continue their exploration of and engagement in the arts in some way. All the best to them and the RISE program. I hope to see these artists at a future Fringe with new work!

  2. Carol on July 30, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Would like to have seen it, but did not fit my schedule.

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