The Chronic Single’s Handbook

Randy Ross

Show Information:

A chronically-single guy takes a trip around the world hoping to change his luck with love. An unflinching look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and massage parlors. Adult language and adult situations, including a visit to a body spa named The Curious Finger. Writer-performer Randy Ross is the author of the comedy novel, "God Bless Cambodia." In 2007, Ross took a trip around the world and learned to say in three languages: “Speak English?” “Got Pepto-Bismol?” and “Where is evacuation helicopter?” The trip inspired his novel and one-man show, which has been featured at fringe festivals in the U.S., Canada, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Fun to watch. Four stars" (Winnipeg FreePress)

"Literary" "Raw" (DCMetroTheaterArts)

"Sharply funny…a quality solo show" (FringeReview)


The Writer's Place

3607 Pennsylvania Ave

Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

July 21 - Friday - 9:30pm

July 22 - Saturday - 2:00pm

July 23 - Sunday - 8:00pm

July 25 - Tuesday - 8:00pm

July 26 - Wednesday - 8:00pm

July 29 - Saturday - 6:30pm





60 Minutes


Parental Guidance


Adult Language


  1. STU LEWIS on July 24, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    This was an entertaining one-man play (not a comic monologue) about what the performer said was an exaggerated description of his actual experiences. Much of his humor is aimed at himself, unlike many other comic performers who use this sort of situation to express a misogynist point of view.

  2. Craig Lubow on July 27, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I would rate this show a six out of ten for the delivery by the performer, but only a three out of ten for the story itself. It just did not hold my interest at all. There were some parts where the performer speaks too fast and it was hard to understand some of the words.

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