I Could Take a Nap but Killing Myself Would be more Productive – Review by Isaac Robinson, Fringe Teen Reviewer

DISCLAIMER: This play deals with themes of suicide prevention

“I Could Take a Nap but Killing Myself Would be more Productive” (aka “Nap the Play”) covers the story of 18-year-old Sofia (LaurenSage Browning) narrated by herself in limbo (Markia Rose Sayers). Sofia lives with her family: her mother Anne (Fiona Rose), her father Kirk (Samuel Garnett), her older sister Jinx (Jacqueline Cook), her younger brother Taylor, (August Call), and uncle Mikey (Takaly Hamill). The family struggles to stay stable, but the world around Sofia is even more unstable. Sofia’s boyfriend Clay (Garrett Gallego) constantly tries to help, but it’s no use. As the play progresses, we see Sofia lose her sanity, until she gives in and kills herself. We also see various themes of struggle, hardship, achievement, and suicide.

“Nap the Play” is emotionally powerful. The characters are very well developed and the acting is especially well executed, further enhancing the emotion of the story. In many forms of media the suicide prevention message is often presented for maximum shock effect but this play delivers its message subtly. It’s told with poignancy and respect for the audience, not trying to force anything onto anyone. The message is clear, and very well told.

“Nap the Play” is showing at Center For Spiritual Living. This performance is emotionally beautiful, and if you’re looking for a poignant yet intense story with an important message, it’s also highly recommended.