Lilly – Review by Isaac Robinson, Fringe Teen Reviewer

“Lilly” is an ambient/electronic music trio that borrows elements of 17th century baroque music. The members are: Lizzi Leigh on vocals, Justin Story on guitar, and John Hatch on synths and keyboard. Lilly originally started as a solo music project by John, until only about a year and a half later, when John brought in Justin and Lizzi.

While “Lilly” may be different in their sounds and style, the band has a very pleasing and relaxing sound to listen to. The guitar is heavily reverberated, ambient, and a little droning. Lizzi’s soprano vocals soar through the room beautifully. The sounds and synths are simplistic but shape the sound into something truly special. Along with the music, the concert is enhanced with background visuals, which not only describe the emotion of the songs, but are aesthetically pleasing and bring life to this already lively sound.

“Lilly’ is showing at the Loretto Chapel. If you’re looking for something relaxing and pleasing to the ear, then Lilly is highly recommended!