Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy - Lil Theatre Co.

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

Almost one-man-show uses lots of physical comedy
Short of plot, heavy on skin, DK Reinemer’s KC Fringe 2021 Show, “Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy” features lots of physical comedy, undressing, singing, dressing, jokes, undressing, dancing, undressing… get the picture?
As an Orlando cop, Magic Mark (yes, that’s right, Mark) takes the audience on a surreal “almost real” chase with a bank robber, that results in an unfortunate death.  That’s one red-herring for viewers to chase.  Then, a two-person skit with only one person takes place in the Orlando Police Department where Mark receives a verbal undressing by his captain. (Mark still maintains most of his clothes at this point.) Situation skits continue, one after the other, with no plot in sight as viewers go with Mark into the undercover world of male strip-tease performers.
Some jokes, some more physical humor, some ad libs and then Mark grabs his g-string and heads to The Meat Market (a male strip-club) as part of a sting operation of some sort.  Throw in some singing, lots of dancing, dressing and undressing and humor and “Becoming Magic Mike” turns into an hour-long sketch of silliness, poking fun at male strip clubs and the movie, Magic Mike.
The show, unpolished, provides fun and laughs, but would benefit from a real live audience.  Filmed before a live audience, the laughs fall in line, but in-person viewing would elevate this show.  Listen closely, there are some good lines contained in the skits.
Make no mistake, there’s no drama to be seen in this show.  The show promo calls the show an “action adventure comedy parody,” It’s comedy all the way for this KC Fringe show.