DramaUrge - Forest Kinsey

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

Great editing and fresh ideas characterize ‘DramaUrge’
“DramaUrge” definitely competes in the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival with its artistic expression and absurd storyline.
With a title like “DramaUrge,” viewers might expect something dramatic or stylized.  What viewers find is a brilliantly crafted and edited piece with one man playing all the characters, simultaneously.
The video invites its viewers to smile as an array of characters share the same screen–and all are played by the same actor.  Incredible editing and a sharp, creative mind spawned “DramaUrge.” This artful selection blends perfectly into Fringe format to encourage new, different thoughts and ideas.  “DramaUrge” stands apart from other Fringe entries this year.
Actor and director, Forest Kinsey submitted the following description for his video:  “In this film, a dramaturge battles a lackluster crew and voices of doubt as he attempts to create his masterpiece in the most challenging of times.”  That being said, what if an artist creates fantastic art and no one sees or appreciates it?  Therein lies the question “DramaUrge” presents to viewers.
“I wrote and filmed ‘DramaUrge’ by myself, keeping interaction with others low for Covid reasons, Kinsey said. “I would do many takes on each shot, carefully planning the characters’ blocking and costuming to keep everyone distinct and separate, to make the visuals and editing possible. It was a lot of work, but worth it.”
Kinsey’s work gives notice that this Kansas City local creates art and demands notice.  His local work, he said, is with KC Improv.
“My inspiration was me and my peers’ interaction with making art. It’s hard to get noticed, and it feels like you’re presenting to an empty void. However, in light of the pandemic, a huge part of surviving the isolation was to create art that we loved making. Therefore, it’s more than worthwhile to make art–even when unsure anyone else will see it–which is the thesis to my piece,” Kinsey said of “DramaUrge.
Viewers who enjoy creativity appreciate the effort to keep Arts alive.  “DramaUrge” brings forth a new voice with his first Kansas City Fringe entry.