Haunted - Jamie Mayo

Reviewed By Bob Evans

Storyteller recants past struggles

The title alone attracts viewers who like ghost stories, but “Haunted” by Jamie Mayo takes the viewer in a different direction than viewers might expect. But, this is the Kansas City Fringe Festival, where viewers expect the unexpected.

The author and storyteller, Jamie Mayo starts with a ghost story from her youth, and then the story moves more into her personal narrative and the telling of her story. The recanting of the story does not create a lot of excitement so viewers need to know that when Mayo begins her personal narrative emotions build and her memories and truths pull the viewers into her story.

Mayo explores pain from her past, fears she faces, obstacles she overcomes and the path she chooses. With each reflection, viewers get a more complete awareness of the storyteller.

One person speaking directly into the camera with no music, special props, or set takes guts. Bearing your past to unknown spectators takes strength. Both come through in “Haunted.” Probably the weakest part of the video is the beginning, before Mayo delves into her personal account of her life.

Viewers will find some surprising details that could spur future stories. Mayo’s childhood in Missouri’s boot-heel seem springboards for more stories for future Kansas City Fringe Festivals.