Mamihlapinatapai - Poetic Thespian Productions

Reviewed By Barbara Dooley

Fringe Reviewer

This 13-minute experimental film by Poetic Thespian Productions of Benbrook, TX is a small, naturalistic jewel.

Starring Na’Tori McConnell as a young, sometimes wounded woman in her late teenage years, and Charles Jackson Jr. who wrote and directed the film, as her vulnerable but strong friend, we watch the mundane activities of daily life and friendship built to something.

Their individual insecurities, the hesitations of young love, and the fear of ruining a deep friendship, are “every-person.”

Their scenes are juxtaposed with eye-popping art, some of it reminiscent of 1960s op and pop art. Does it reflect their inner worlds? Their relationship? What is happening at the moment? Does it matter? It’s fun.

The warning of “Adult Language and Content” is perhaps a bit cautious. This is an excellent, exciting, inspiring film for young people, middle school and older, many who will readily identify with the characters.

Highly recommended.