Rosegold - Donna Kay Yarborough

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

Donna Kay Yarborough’s one-woman fringe show, Rosegold, will stick with you long after the video ends. In much the same way that the movie “Get Out” broke the horror story mold, Donna bends the horror genre into something new.  The term “Hung Over Horror” doesn’t quite fit, but it’s the best term this reviewer could come up with to describe this intense, stomach-churning confessional story.

Donna is convincing as Jamie, an alcoholic confessing her story at a virtual alcoholics support group. Viewers will cling to every word while staring at Jamie’s strung-out glassy eyes. What starts as an event at HR Block takes a surprisingly dark turn. You won’t see the events coming that lead to the alcohol-fueled extreme adrenaline response and the horrifying consequences.

The script was fresh, unexpected, and the metaphors vivid. The veil metaphor and the “Southern Comforting” worked particularly well.

Go watch the video, and then imagine watching the show live sitting in a church basement on metal folding chairs arranged in a circle. Chilling!