Grýla – Not for Children

Company Name: Christian Hege, Storyteller in Verse

City/State: Nyack, New York

Genre: Spoken Word, Storyteller, Theatre

Ratings: Parental Guidance

Warnings: Other - Not for children under 12 (I have consulted with two therapists on this)

Run Time: 32 minutes


Grýla is an Icelandic Christmas ogress, who eats the bad children.
Imagine if she were really real.

And imagine her story - in verse! Like a happy Christmas poem, that bubbles and rhymes like a nursery tale. You may laugh - though nervously. And you may doubt the truth, until the very last word.

"Grýla - Not for Children" takes you to your childhood, your innocence, and your fears. She'll arrive in the evening, and meet her nemesis, the village priest. Between the two of them, is only mystery.

Directed by Jenny Mercein



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