Company Name: Brian Feldman Projects

City/State: Washington, Douglass Commonwealth

Genre: Film

Ratings: All Ages

Warnings: No Script

Run Time: 46 minutes


World Premiere!

Amid a 12-country, 35-city, 175-show virtual world tour (during a global pandemic), Brian Feldman produces, directs, and stars in a film adaptation of one of his signature projects for the 2021 KC Virtual Fringe Festival. “#txtzero” is an art film featuring a mysterious character named txt (pronounced “text”) who sits at a desk waiting for a script to arrive. Unlike all previous LIVE versions of “#txtshow” – (irl) and (on the internet) – this film contains zero audience interaction. But you can fast forward.

This project was supported by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Awards for #txtshow:

• Audience Choice Award, Pittsburgh Virtual Fringe Festival (2021)

• Experimental Production of the Year, The Young-Howze Theatre Awards (2021)

• Les Meilleures Expériences Immersives, UXmmersive (2021)

• NoPro Critic’s Picks, No Proscenium (2020)

• Best Artful Adaptation to the Pandemic, Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando® (2020)

• Artistic Innovation Award, St Lou Fringe Virtual Festival (2020)

Reviews for #txtshow:

• “An experience unlike anything in live theater.” – DC Metro Theater Arts

• “In the year of virtual Fringe, I was hoping for at least one show that fully embraced the digital medium. I got my wish with ‘#txtshow.’” – Asheville Stages

• “With ‘#txtshow,’ Feldman has succeeded at creating something that tests the limits of theatre as a form and plays with the boundaries of the performer-spectator relationship.” – No Proscenium

• “This is a work of experimental theater, and I daresay it’s the best.” – Hi! Drama

• “Such an intriguing and innovative concept, it’s far more than the simple, one-way online broadcast performances that have substituted themselves in place of real-world delivery in traditional theatres.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

• “This online pandemic world we live in is NOT favorable to theater events. While parking is cheaper and you can bring your own beer, there’s no sense of audience or shared discovery. But if you MUST do a show online, ‘#txtshow’ might be the archetype.” – Ink 19

Facebook Event: https://j.mp/txtzkc_fb
Twitter: https://twitter.com/txtshow
Instagram: https://instagram.com/brianfeldmanprojects

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