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Company Name: Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City

City/State: Local

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Film, Music

Ratings: PG (parental guidance suggested)

Warnings: Adult language, Violence

Venue: Stray Cat Film Center

Show Times:

Fri 7/15 8:30 PM
Sat 7/16 10:00 PM
Sun 7/17 5:30 PM


Join the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City as we celebrate nearly 30 years of independent film with a collection of new and classic films from some of the most talented storytellers in the Midwest and beyond! One of the oldest independent film organizations in the US, the IFCKC has been proud to help so many talented people come together on both sides of the camera. Come with us as we celebrate our past, our present, and the stories to come!

Friday, July 15 - 8:30 PM
Arthur Payne - Can't We Be Friends
Dillon Latham - The Job
Garrett Saunders - Loose
Lindsey Doolittle - Faces After Suicide
Patrick Rea - Distance
Gordon Lamb - The Misadventures of Max and Anna
David Ting - The Pivot
Krystal Heib - Weenies

Saturday, July 16 - 10:00 PM
Robert Hubbard - Be Seeing You
Jon Johnson - The IN Between
Guy Giaimo McClung - Progress
What's So Scary - Brian Kille
Todd Norris - Insyncerator
In the Bush - Ryan Antrim & Shannon Walsh
9 1/2 Years - Timothy Harvey
NvD - David Berry

Sunday, July 17 - 5:30 PM
Sue Vicory - Jane
Corey Weibel - The Things We Do For Love
Wendell Simmons - It's Moroccan
Jeevan Dhaker - Charlie the Chicken
Brandon Clasen - Stigmatized
Gordon Lamb - A Terrible Plan
Jill Gevargizian - Grammy


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  1. Jessica Whitfield on July 16, 2022 at 11:29 am

    Friday night’s screening was so much fun and there was a great selection of local films of many different genres. I love that the screening was in person this year because it’s fun to see these short films on the big screen and you get to network with other filmmakers before and after the showcase.

  2. Stephanie Bonnett on July 18, 2022 at 11:35 pm

    I didn’t realize that the lineup of films would be different at each night’s showing or I would have tried to go to all 3! I went on Sunday, and experienced various emotions from the collections of shorts. It’s so fun and exciting to see so much local talent and energy in the KC Film community!

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