The Broken Penis Story

By Joey Rinaldi

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Company Name: Joey Rinaldi

City/State: Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Comedy, Theatre

Ratings: G (suitable for all audiences)

Premiere: Yes

Warnings: Adult language, Adult subjects

Venue: Westport Coffee House

Show Times:

Fri 7/22 8:00 PM
Sat 7/23 5:00 PM
Thu 7/28 8:00 PM
Fri 7/29 9:30 PM
Sat 7/30 11:00 PM


Have you ever heard of a deadly penis injury? As a teenager, Joey didn’t expect to be in a hospital bed from a lethal hit to his knob with three traumatic surgeries, two clumsy catheters and one overwhelming desire to wreak hormonal havoc. Over a decade later, Joey lives to share the outrageous and humiliating details of being the only kid at school who peed into a urine bag while battling the church and his tormented mom. Winner 2021 Best Comedian (Canadian International Comedy Film Fest)


Joey Rinaldi

Past Fringe Shows:

Show When/Where
Story Time with Joey Rinaldi 2020/FRIGID FEST NYC
Story Time with Joey Rinaldi 2020/Virtual Pitt Fringe Fest
Story Time with Joey Rinaldi 2020/Virtual Adelaide Fringe Fest
Story Time with Joey Rinaldi 2020/Virtual Scranton Fringe Fest

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  1. Zed on July 24, 2022 at 7:52 am

    A terrific storyteller! Heaps of fun. OK for teens, not for the kiddos.

  2. Bran Wan on July 27, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    Joey is the best and I love him!

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