By Kelly Luck

It almost seems purposeless to review this collection, curated by the Kansas City Independent Film Coalition. Not because there is nothing to say of the films presented--quite the opposite--but because the show is being done in such a way that each performance will feature a different set of films. We understand that over nine hours of short film material was sourced for this anthology, running the gamut from drama to humor to documentaries to films whose special effects would not be out of place in a Hollywood production.


The Independent Film Coalition (IFC) started a quarter of a century ago with a handful of people, and is now in the hundreds. Its members come from all walks of life, from those who have one specific story they wish to tell, to those who would make the world of film their own for life. All levels of expertise and ability are brought together in this group, in a sense of community regrettably uncommon in local film scenes but, in this reviewer’s experience, often found in KC-based creative groups. To see the anthology is to be amazed at the sheer variety and raw talent coming out of our little

midwestern cow town.


Of particular note is the Friday night screening, which will be dedicated to the works of an IFC member who recently passed away. Even here, expect a surprising variety in the material presented. But really, any performance caught will be a night of surprises. If you haven’t seen what Kansas City’s filmmakers have been up to, this is an ideal opportunity to find out.

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