Drum Circle (Remake)

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  1. Kay H on July 23, 2022 at 3:40 pm

    Please drum up a rain dance with everyone who is there tonight. It might work if you can get a group of people all focused and enthusiastic about bringing the rain. It has been known to work in the past. It’s not the dancing or the drumming that does it, but it’s a great vehicle to focus on intention, supplication, prayer, visualization, desire, imagination, etc. I can’t be there tonight and don’t really have the means to find or gather a group of people and inspire them to focus their intentions, so I am asking you. Please.
    Also, if you can spread the word for others, not physically present, to vibe in the rain with you in whatever way they choose, beginning at a specific time, let’s say midnight, for example, then people can add their intentions wherever they are and whatever they are doing, cause there’s a whole festival out there. I hope you can do this. I will begin my personal rain ceremony at midnight tonight and encourage the 3 people I know to do so as well. Fingers crossed! Have a great drum circle tonight, rain or no rain : )

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