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From the best-selling book by Ellis Weiner and Barbara Davilman, this is a classic story told through the beloved primer characters Dick and Jane and their little sister Sally. You'll plotz. You'll kvell. Oy vey, what a show!

Theatre, Comedy | 60m |Parental Guidance

The Black Repertory Theatre

"In Their Own Words" is presented by The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City and is a collection of poems, prose, short stories and plays penned by the students of Ruskin High School and Hickman 9th Grade Center as a part of the RiSE program - Repertory in School Empowerment program. Come hear these students discuss Life, Sexuality and Racial Identity through their unique protective. Facilitator Shawna Downing and Educators Kelly Michale and Brent Nanny along with Artistic Director Damron R Armstrong couple with a team of Artist-Educators brings this show to the stage.

Theatre| 60m | All Ages

Gregory Arnold / Spark of Madness Productions

Have you ever wondered what it would REALLY be like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes? What if you had to spend the better part of your puberty years with the opposite sex's genitals? If that sounds like fun then S.N.M. has got something for you. Sammie & Marty join a dating service that promises to leave them solo no more. While filming their profile video, when they are asked to tell an interesting story about themselves, things veer towards the freaky side, leaving you to wonder how you would handle waking up at 16 (that prime puberty age) with genitals of the opposite sex.

Theatre | 60m |Mature Audience Only

Lewis J. Morrow / Tenured Son Theatre

Rashaad and Andy saw separate but meteoric rises to the top. Rashaad - a young, black Oscar winning actor and Andy - a critically acclaimed comic, also share a sudden descent into Hollywood shame. Personal missteps have left them blacklisted and now they're reduced to taking the only job they've been offered in the past two years - an improbable father/son duo on the cheesy sitcom My White Son; where off-screen they argue about who has been unjustly punished by the Hollywood the most.

Theatre | 60m |Mature Audience Only


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