By Kelly Luck

“Beautiful Butterflies” is the story of two people who meet in therapy. They each are dealing with their own issues, as indeed is their therapist, who is trying to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. The show is presented as a musical with unaccompanied singing.

Unfortunately, the show lacks polish in the areas of dialogue and story pacing, and there are mood swings in the story that are downright jarring. The performances are a mixed bag, and overall the play needs a lot of reworking before its ready for an audience.

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  1. M. Rkier on July 29, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    I hope individuals were not swayed away from the performance because of this review; I know I’m glad I didn’t read it before going because the performance was brilliant. The subject matter, mental health, lent to ‘imperfections’; bullying, abusive relationships, suicidal thoughts and broken family relationships. Changes in metal health often prevent people from being ‘polished’ and can be revealed in ‘jarring mood swings’. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance I saw. I was not alone; 2 audience members, identifying themselves as mental health providers, expressed appreciation for the performance and how it presented the various challenges; they were especially appreciative of showing a positive outcome is possible, indicating that the acapella signing added vulnerability and depth and asking if the performances will be available elsewhere as they felt their clients would benefit from seeing it. A great show is so much more than entertainment. Thank you to all who made the show possible.

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