Lucia Aerial

The Cyclone cast and crew from Lucia are back with new work! Join us for Altus, a show juxtaposing our desire to be appreciated based on appearance alone with the unconscious happiness of internal joy and connection in a high-flying series of acts showcasing trapeze, silks, lyra, rope, partner acrobatics and contortion. Artistic Team Members include Ariana Ferber-Carter, Georgeanna Layton, Morgan McBride, Liv Morrow, Daniel Parks and Elena Sherman.

Dance, Variety | 60m |All Ages


What do flamingos, stardust, umbrellas, Michael Bublé, and the inner thoughts of dancers have in common? A VidaDance show, of course! Returning to the KC Fringe stage after winning “Best of Venue” last year, VidaDance once again delivers an entertaining, eclectic, and engaging show for all ages and interests. Blending ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, tap, and ballroom, with all new pieces by a variety of choreographers, including many of the company members, this whimsical professional company offers something for everyone.

Dance | 60m |All Ages

Raghsidad & Friends

The sound of Middle Eastern music stands apart because of its unique instrumentation and rhythms. Raghsidad and Friends will demystify the sounds by presenting the facts of the beats using figures in motion and sharing examples and samples of these fascinating rhythms. Raghsidad! welcomes Amanda of Numinous Dance as our special guest for this fast-paced hour of rhythm and moves from the Middle East. Let us hypnotize, mesmerize and "edutain" you!! ...whole lotta shakin' goin' on

Dance, Variety | 60m |All Ages

Nritya School of Indian Dance and Music

Nritya and Anjali dance presents Vrikshasan: Where is your back?. It explores the issue of environmental degradation, taking our cue from climate change. Using the tree pose from yoga as the main motif, the dancers explore the tree’s relationship to people, its relationship to the tree cutter and its traumatic end. The dancers hold in their consciousness that the hand that cuts needs to be the hand that is restored to reverence for the environment. You will enjoy the poetry, theatre, dance, and music together. Gateway Dance Theatre’s Shakuntala (Shah- Koon-Tala) transports you to a magical land. Written by Kalidasa, India's renowned poet and playwright. It is a family friendly production based on an epic tale of love from India. Featuring music and dance of India, and world music. It tells the story of a young woman, Shakuntala, who is raised in a secluded sanctuary and falls in love with King Dushyanta, whom she meets in the forest. A multicultural cast celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the beauty of love. Shakuntala puts a global stamp to theatre. Enjoy a unique experience of drama, dance, and music for ages! Nritya Dance and Anjali dance will also present classical and folk dances of India.

On July 29th GDT presents Kalidasa's Sahkuntala a classic Indian play with dance and music.

Dance | 60m |All Ages

"Excerpts" by Seamless Dance Company 7:30 pm at Bolender Center - KC Fringe Festival 2014 (24 July). Photo, copyright 2014 Mike Strong -

Seamless Dance Theatre

Join us for a compilation of works from our hit show "Blush" as well as some new, never before seen pieces!  We will also have several guest artists that will be a must see! If you have never seen Seamless, we are a modern/jazz company with cutting edge choreography and a reputation for touching people's lives through dance!

Dance | 60m |Parental Guidance

Crescendo Conservatory

Have you ever walked through an art gallery and wished you could disappear into the painting and dream in the world of fantasy? From the old world masters, to the best of contemporary art, Crescendo Conservatory brings the essence and vitality of these works to life. Musically and visually inspiring, Crescendo in Motion dancers propel audience members into our Gallery of Dreams. Prepare to experience art coming to life.

Crescendo Conservatory is a true incubator for performing arts throughout the community. Crescendo in Motion is the official performance company of Crescendo Conservatory and is comprised of incredible pre-professional dancers, ages 11-18.

Dance | 60m |All Ages

Summerfest Concerts

This program is a celebration of all the arts-chamber music style! We present Michael Horwood’s Birds, which combines music and over 120 projected images to tell a story designed by Toronto writer Michael Schulman. You’ll hear “Baby Birds,” “Endangered Birds,” and even “Strange Birds” come vividly to life with the piccolo and piano. Continuing the bird theme, we conclude with Thomas Albert’s Thirteen Ways, which sets Wallace Stevens’s poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by having the musicians read lines from the poem painting them musically. Much like Horwood’s birds, Albert’s blackbird comes to us in different perspectives, asking us to check our memory of the blackbird’s song against what we hear. This work features flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and percussion. The performance will be followed by an opportunity for you to meet the musicians. Chat about the music, the birds, the instruments, and more!

Dance | 60m |All Ages

Krystal Bryan

Inspired by the gothic classic “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this is a story of a woman controlled by her aloof but dominating husband. A tale of past and perhaps current woes of frightening madness and deception, The Yellow Wallpaper: A Dance Into Madness explores the dangers of “Resting Cure” treatments as well as the importance of self-expression. Developed in the late 1800’s, these treatments were often given to women suffering from nervousness, postpartum depression, and anxiety. Treatment consisted of absolute rest, isolation from friends and family, and a high fat diet. Through the artistry of dance, this production sheds light on the daily struggles of women against male-centric thinking and social norms. With beautiful and eerie choreography, The Yellow Wallpaper will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

Dance | 60m | All Ages

Bolender Center

The Bolender Center

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