Electoral Dysfunction 2016 – Review

By Bob Evans

Run for your own sanctity if you are a political candidate or have some political views that you don’t want subject to the demented and twisted minds of the cast of Right Between the Ears and their current show at the City Stage in Union Station, Electoral Dysfunction 2016.

Yes, the twisted comedic talents unleash themselves on the political scene with some biting humor and lampooning of the current statements and stances of Libertarians, Greens, Republicans, and Democrats.  The show not only pokes holes in their bogus claims, but also makes the audience laugh at even their own parties and their own personal beliefs.RIGHT BETWEEN THE EARS20160724 _MG_2877

The cast uses their best radio voices and characters to present a plethora of characters, voices, dialects, and body gestures to keep the audience entertained.  The show is funny, edgy, full of satirical humor, and is just downright fun for all ages.  Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio as well as the current candidates do not escape the merriment.

The speaking cast for the Fringe includes David Gruesel, Kip Niven, Sabrina Hederson, David Martin, Jason Miller, Andi Meyer, and John Jessup.  Mary Ellen Kreigh. Is the on stage sound tech.

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