By Bob Evans
Original Review on KC Applauds

The KC Fringe, history now, produced some wickedly talented entries and cosmic performances by actors–especially the politically-charged “The Foreplay: The Exploration of the Birth of Our Nation” in the Musical Theater Heritage complex in Crown Center.

The comedic piece, written by Michael Knight, originated in 2016 and undergoes updates and new jokes as times change. Knight said a daily event might encourage him to rewrite a line or joke to keep the piece fresh and politically on target. What genius writing to create a piece that can change so comically and up to the minute (or day). And, to do this, his duo of co-stars make the piece work.

For the Fringe, “The Foreplay” drew large crowds to the MTH 2 theater space and claimed Best of Venue in Knight’s first attempt at KC Fringe. The play centers on the writing of the Bill of Rights and the first 10 amendments to The Constitution. Of course, since the actual transcript of the penning of the rules was never recorded, Knight took free literary license in scripting his own supposed dialogue–and with much adult language.

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