By Bob Evans
Original Review on KC Applauds

In Lewis J. Morrow’s new play, currently entered in the KC Fringe Festival “Be Like Water,” focuses on life after deployment, struggles with home-life and military-life before, during and after military separations.

Morrow’s piece suggests that life works like a river. A river is at its mouth, its flowing body, and its source all at the same time. Similarly, a person’s life reflects everything from birth (its source) to their present (the flowing body), and moving toward its destination. “Be Like Water” focuses on one sergeant who returns from a hostile war deployment and looks to find peace in the world he re-entered when he returns home. Likewise, a female lieutenant he shared intimate time with faces similar domestic struggles.

To make matters worse, over the last deployment, the sergeant’s parents died while the lieutenant’s boyfriend has become romantically entwined with another woman who helps him take care of his child (the lieutenant’s daughter). Like life, the show presents conflicting situations, all entangled through life’s twists and turns. Nothing is easy. All conflict resolution needs a target to move toward. However, as life changes like the flowing body of a river, decisions have consequences–and sometimes unintended hurt, separation, and pain.

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